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As a student of Philippine College of Technology I am full aware that all policies, rules and regulations set by this school are final and not to be contested upon and that I promise to follow all of these as prescribed in the Student Handbook as well as those that may be promulgated by the Administration at any time. I promise to pay all obligations/accounts without hesitation. I recognize without reservation, the authority of PCT to bar me from attending classess in case I fail to pay installments of the due and demandable tuition and other fees as indicated in the schedule of payment. That I shall only be readmitted as soon as the tuition and other fees are paid; I am solely responsible in keeping up with lessons, assigments, and examinations given durng the school days I was not allowed to enter and attend classes. I promised to help accomplish the school's vision, mission and gloals and to protect and defend the name of the school at all times. I further agree that all notices sent to my mailing address indicated in this form shall be consifered sufficient notice. Any change of address and contact number shall be made in writing.

  1. The student is required to pay the scheduled tuition fee on time
  2. No Permit, No Entru Policy is strictly observed
  3. In case the student decides to drop:
    1. Fifty percent (50%) of the total amount paid will be refunded if classes have not started
    2. No payment shall be refunded once classes have started
  4. Allows PCT to investigate/assess the student's educational need. Will be advised to shift course or tranfer school if upon
    evaluation may fall short in meeting the confitions under the probationary Status

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