What is Cooperative Management?

Cooperative Management, in its most organic form, aims to foster free circulation of information within the company. It is designed for employees and officials alike of cooperatives,cooperative departments and allied sectors.

Basically, this course is an evaluation of fundamental objectives, principles, marketing, finance, structure and management associated with the Cooperative Industry. In addition,Cooperative Management provides insights to operation, governance, management,organization and marketing strategies of cooperative businesses.

Purpose and Scope

Cooperative Management’s purpose is to…

·        Nurture, establish, support and reward behaviors based on mutual help and trust

·        Ensure that the company’s best interest is protected and is also the best interest of its employees, thus induce them to participate and succeed

·        Marshal human expertise and skills, processes,including technological and financial resources, in order for the company’s goal to be reached, making it possible to go beyond its competitors

·        Cultivate a healthy and transparent work environment within the company

Philippine College of Technology to Offer BSBA Major in Cooperative Management

Last June 3, 2015, the request of the Philippine College of Technology to offer Cooperative Management as additional major of its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)was approved. The permission was based upon the information on results of evaluation and recommendation of the Technical Committee of Business Administration and Office Administration and Entrepreneurship. This is in accordance with the communication between Dr. Amelia Biglete, Director IV,Office of Programs and Standards Development (OPSD) and Raul C. Alvarez Jr.,Ed. D., CESO III, Director IV, Commission on Higher Education.

Network of Cooperatives

The inevitable success of this industry has made it possible for cooperative networks to exist. To name a few,the following are: Association of Asia Confederation Credit Union, Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA), Cooperative and Association Development,Cooperatives of Europe, International Co-operative Alliance, Ghana Co-operative Credit Unions Association (CUA) and many more.

Philippine College of Technology, BSBA Cooperative Management

The Philippine College of Technology offers Cooperative Management as one of its core programs, becoming the 5th major in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The school believes that Cooperative Management is an integral competitive asset for any company, both from a human and social point of view. This conviction is based from both real life examples and global market research.


·        To impart modern management techniques, concepts and practices through various teaching methods

·        To instill and inculcate professional attitude and skills, thus a cooperative is managed effectively by way of practical exercises

·        By conducting field visits to different cooperative entities, this ensures that students are exposed to actual and up-to-date functioning techniques and/or methods in cooperatives

·        To align the basic principles of Cooperative Management with the student’s chosen profession in the industry

For these objectives to be successful, Philippine College of Technology shall develop a curriculum that is solely based on recognized international standards and structures, visible in the aforementioned Network of Cooperatives.

Target Group

This course is open, including,but not limited, to managers, executives, board directors, departmental officers, administrators and trainers working in cooperative institutions.Also, incoming students or participants are greatly encouraged, especially that this industry’s success is visible. 

Also, Philippine College of Technology will visit cooperative institutions or companies to educate participants about Cooperative Management. By doing so, the concept of the course is well-internalized and aligned to the participants’ profession.