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PCT Symbols

The Gear

Represents continued motion of PCT to transmit knowledge and carryout continuous advancement in technology and innovation. It sets and determines the power and direction of the school.

The Circle

Represents the never-ending passion for service of the teachers that will create a difference in the education spectrum. It also embodies the immeasurable mission of education in transforming, transmitting and molding knowledge and values in the society we are in.

PCT Stands for Philippine College of Technology and made well-known since 1993; a center of ladderized competency-based curriculum recognized by CHED and authorized by TESDA. PCT is a leader of technology programs.

Green and Golden Yellow Colors

Inside the circle symbolizes the cohesiveness of workforce and the management of PCT; it also stands as a gentle harmony of effort by people working together toward a common goal.

The yellow color represents warm and harmonious environment, white color and green represents productivity and abundance.

The Torch at the Center

Represents the truest essence of service, to become center of excellence in all courses, programs and services offered. It also symbolizes enlightenment, guidance and hope and emits an extreme burning desire to move forward and keep going.

The Book

Signifies the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Education that PCT continues to adhere. The two wings from both sides represent the faculty and administration of the school that have been instrumental in letting the PCT ascend to greater heights of success and triumph. It also represents knowledge to incessantly strive for excellence for it is PCT’s bedrock.

The Triangle

Symbolizes the three greatest diametrical entanglement of PCT:

  1. 1st side - to uphold the institutional culture and values being inculcated (Community)
  2. 2nd side - to subtly unleash the journey from the unknown to known (Research)
  3. 3rd side - to uplift the standard of education in the Philippine setting in general (Instruction)